Friday, August 2, 2013

Racial Stereotyping is SO 'in' right now!

So I found an article the other day entitled "15 pictures that prove white people shouldn't dress as other races". I've apparently been spending too much time browsing the forums, because I was expecting hilarity. What I got was a lecture on how degrading it is for one race to dress as another which ultimately trivializes their experiences.

"Hey, foxy lady. I brought you this carriage.
I hear bitches love carriages."
And some hilarious pictures. While the blog was an interesting one, with some interesting thoughts about race, I had my heart set on something a little more lighthearted.

Since the photo captions on Cracked are basically my favorite part of every blog posted over there, I decided to give some of the photos from this article a few of my own captions. I hope you find them as hilarious as I do.

For more racists fashion, visit my earlier blog post; America's Next Top Racist!

Fashion: cutting up ugly ass 70's peacock patterned curtains since....
uh...well...the 1970's.

There's 'No Doubt' that the premise behind this music video
 was terrible.

The only cake this girl has seen is a rice cake. 
That's because all you'll be getting is coal this year.
And black lung disease. 
Step 1: Buy package of feathers from Michael's
Step 2: Glue onto head
Step 3: Profit.
Hey Michael Jackson! It's opposite day!