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Ariana - [yaariana]
You know when you go into a bar and you scan the room looking for hookups and basically everyone in the bar is completely unattractive?  And then randomly, a normal looking girl walks in with some friends and you breathe a sigh of relief?  But then you realize that the normal looking girl has a really weird friend and you can tell it’s going to be difficult, if not completely impossible, to take advantage of the normal girl because that dumb friend is standing right there the entire time?
Yeah, that’s annoying, right?!

So sometimes I write blog posts. When I’m not writing blog posts, I’m doing stuff.

I had a baby. She's real neat. I mean that in the way that I think she's cool, and not that she's organized. Well, I mean, she is kind of organized in the way that she meticulously shits in my hand when I change her diaper. It's like clockwork.

The end!