About: Kristen!

Kristen  - [marianakatrina]

A woman of many talents, Kristen is our blog contributor and resident marine science expert. Did you ever wonder how an octopus reproduces? Kristen will draw you an anatomically correct picture and stick it on your refrigerator for every guest to see. Did you ever wonder how mussels breathe? Order some at dinner with her and she’ll dissect it at the table, giving you a full 20 minute lecture.

If you’re a dude, don’t worry. Kristen isn’t all science (although science is sexy). She’s also an artist, an athlete, a tea snob, and a food aficionado.
Basically what I am saying, ladies and gentlemen, is that Kristen is a badass. . .but you can call her, well. . . Kristen. You know, because that's her name.