Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Post Where I Defensively Discuss The Trashy TV I Watch.

Ok, when I say trashy tv, I mean a show that I do not readily admit to watching, or that I put a qualifier on when telling people about watching it.
Yeah, I'm a GLEEk, so what? Also, Finn is 30
this year and still playing a high school-er. It gives me
 hope that people might occasionally mistake me
 for being younger than 26.

No, I do not watch reality tv. That’s not the kind of trashy tv I am talking about. No, I do not watch sitcoms. That’s also not what I am talking about. My guilt pleasures are more along the lines of anything free on Hulu, ie. network shows that are less cheesy than sitcoms, but totally overplay the drama.

To what shows might I be referring to? You haven’t figured it out yet? You are really going to make me spell it out for you?

Fine. Private Practice.

Yes, it’s a spin off of Grey’s Anatomy, which I also watch.

In all honesty, those are probably the worst shows that I watch, simply for the made up drama of ridiculous medical and personal situations.

I can’t lie though, I watch a lot of current shows. I have a lot of free time and rather than better myself, because that’s what I do the REST of the time, I watch tv.

Revenge. Glee. Once Upon a Time. The Finder. Suburgatory.

I also watch other shows that are not currently on right now, like Burn Notice. There are also other shows I would love to watch, if they were available for free on the Internet, like The Walking Dead and Archer.

This is the cast of Jersey Shore, right?
I mean, for all I know this could be a
Kardashian family photo.

Really, I just like to be entertained. I would probably watch worse tv, if I let myself. That is the reason I will never, ever watch Jersey Shore. I like being able to say that I’ve never seen it. It makes me feel better about myself. “Well, at least I don’t watch Jersey Shore!” Like that’s some sort of permission to do other horrible things, like rob banks or kill kittens or something.

My own prejudices against reality tv aside, I’ll admit that the shows I refuse to watch don’t actually make me any better than you. Really, I should watch less tv that I do, but when you have as much free time as have to find something to do. Clearly I should be focusing on the Great Read-a-thon, as the competitive part of me wants to kick some ass.

But the allure of tv is too great. Damn you, hulu. Damn you.

He's just so....diabolical.
Oh look, a new episode of Switched at Birth! Joy!