Monday, February 20, 2012

I have a dream...

My cupcakes can only hope to be this adorable.
Image taken from Cakewrecks, made by Zoey Cakes of Baldwinsville, NY.
I have a dream. It’s true.

My dream is to make delicious baked goods. All the time.

It’s a simple dream, but it’s something I love to do.

Right now, I want to make cupcakes. So why don’t I go to the kitchen and make some god damn cupcakes right this second? Because these things take time. I don’t just buy a box of cake mix at my local box store and make that. No, I CREATE baked goods from scratch with exciting flavors and a little bit of experimentation. The kind of things I like to make take time. They take exploration of flavors and trips to specialty cooking stores. They take finding the right ingredients and ways to combine them into something awesome.

They also take actually having cupcake tins(ie. a muffin pan) in your possession....which I currently don’t have. With a quick trip to the store though, that will be remedied and I will be ready to make my next creation, involving THIS. I am so excited.